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Visit Valdez Alaska

Visit Valdez Alaska!!!

With Valdez, Alaska tucked into the northern most bay of Prince William Sound and surround by 5,000’ peaks of the Chugach Range it is often referred to as “Little Switzerland”. The mountains rise straight up from the ocean on all sides of this smaller port city of 4,500 residents.

Valdez, Alaska has a rich history from its founding days during the Klondike Goldrush of the late 1800s, to the Good Friday earthquake that destroyed the original town, to the present time of the Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline Terminal located across from the town. There is something for everyone to explore.

During the summer months you can find amazing halibut fishing, salmon fishing, sightseeing tours, kayaking adventures, and lots of hiking trails. Almost all the wilderness around Valdez is part of the Chugach National Forest, the largest Nation Forest in the United States. With countless waterfowls and glacier there is more places to explore to last a life time!

In the winter Valdez Alaska turns into a world renowned Heli-Skiing destination. With Thompson Pass getting well over 800” of snow a year there is endless powder. There is lots of ways to access this amazing ski terrain, there is Heli-Ski, Cat Skiing, Snowmobile tours, or you can trek into the mountains. Valdez is amazingly beautiful during the spring ski season and a great time to visit the city.